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Health Service Information for LGBTQIA people

Project Type: Concept Website
Organisation: City University
Team Size: 1


Improve confidence in locating suitable health services for LGBTQIA* people..


Usability tested designs for an information portal with crowd sourced information about nearby health services.

The Brief:

The needs of LGBTQIA* people are often not met, information is hard to find, and sometimes even "offensive and discriminatory".

I chose this as a topic for an Information Architecture project during my time at City University.

Flow diagram which illustrates the domain model of healthcare for LGBTQIA people
Domain Model which illustrates healthcare for LGBTQIA people.

The Solution

A website powered by search that enables LGBTQIA* people to find health services. This journey focuses on how users will find the information and how it will be displayed.

Careful attention was paid to information received from a LGBTQIA* healthcare professional during an interview with them. They reported that poor reviews for services on NHS.uk persist and dissuade people from attending to their health needs. These reviews have often been addressed by the practice, but persist and continue to dissuade potential patients. In this initial version reviews have been left off, however other ways to deal with it could be explored.

It includes:

  • A storyboard depicting how search will work.
  • Wireframes for the homepage and the display of information.
  • A sitemap.
  • A domain model to describe the relationship of information handled by the site.
  • An academic report with justifications for decisions were made.
  • Online usability testing using ChalkMark by Optimal Workshops.
Flow diagram showing the layout of content on the website
A Sitemap for the layout of content.

Activities & Deliverables

  • User Interviews
  • Domain Model
  • Persona
  • User Journey
  • Storyboard depicting search
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • Usability Testing
  • Academic Report


  • OmniGraffle
  • ChalkMark
  • LaTeK
Illustrations that show the layout for pages on the website.
Storyboard which depicts how the search flow functions
Storyboard depicting the search flow.